Noah Brooks, CMT CIPM | Director of Investments

Noah Brooks, CMT, CIPM joined Good Life Companies as a Financial Advisor in 2013. As Director of Investments at Good Life Advisors, he leads the Wealth Allocation Model program for the RIA. He works directly with professional partners to develop and create sustainable portfolios for the company's IARs. Mr. Brooks developed the Wealth Allocation Models (WAM) as well as the investment policy statements for both the department and each model at the firm.

Prior to joining Good Life Companies, Noah was a Senior Financial Advisor at Wells Fargo. Noah began his career at Prudential Securities, beginning his career working directly on the execution/analytics for his Prudential Securities office.

Noah currently resides in Bernville, PA with his wife Aelish. In his free time, Noah enjoys time out on the lake, traveling and cooking.