For prospective clients, we created a process called the Plan Sponsor Review. The purpose of the Plan Sponsor Review is to provide you with concrete improvements to your plan and its operation while simultaneously letting you sample the value of the services 401k Advisors Intermountain provides. Through this complimentary service, we gauge how your plan is performing in terms of ERISA compliance. We also conduct an Investment Review and Vendor Assessment, and analyze how your plan is working for Participants. We invest many hours of our time analyzing specific information about your plan so that we can collect all of the necessary information to conduct our research and present our findings to the retirement plan committee in a straightforward, objective (non-sales) manner. Plan sponsors find the investment of their time well spent, as our independent, high-level evaluation generates significant insights they can apply to immediately improve the retirement plan.

A Plan Sponsor Review Covers:

  • ERISA matters dealing with plan terms, plan operations, plan sponsor and fiduciary responsibilities, and regulatory requirements.
  • A record keeper review of such items as service agreements, service standards, proprietary fund requirements, and revenue sharing.
  • A performance review of up to five of your plan’s investments compared to an appropriate benchmark of your choosing, an in-depth analysis of one investment option, and search results for one asset class.
  • An analysis of how the plan’s management is impacting the participants. We also examine common plan amenities and administrative elections in order to determine if opportunities might be available, but yet unrealized.

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